Afternoon tea a Sunday ... sometimes it is very close to a complete environmental change! A couple of wonderful friends offered a surprise for some Sunday ago and there was afternoon tea at a favorite hotel in Gothenburg. Most things get good when it's done wholeheartedly and you go all the way and the environment this Sunday was maximalist and I love it!

Self thinks it is a very relaxing environment with very sumptuous and great details, it gives a subdued feeling, a calm and at the same time very creative, the imagination sets no limits, perfect for afternoon tea on a Sunday, to just relax and enjoy.

This year I have read everything I have come up with about neuro design how we can primarily decorate, and I convert it to dress, to find well-being, feel good and also perform more. It builds more on colors and shape regardless of different tastes and style decorations. As I wrote above, I almost always appreciate what is done wholeheartedly, where you run the whole line out and are consistent, think it is very inspirational and wonderful to experience someone else's world. On the other hand, I had a hard time, as in this case having it so maximalist at home, on the contrary, it had inhibited me with all things and colors, it had disturbed me to think freely and rest.

This Sunday I wanted to feel relaxed dressed, while a little comfortable well dressed when the context was so why I chose VONBON Scarf Tiger blouse a blouse with a long shawl that I chose to loosely hanging on, took on the gold necklace Bless from Pilgrim, suitable text one Sunday and also one for necklace with a longer gold chain and a large pearl that charms.

In the end THANK YOU nice friends for this wonderful Sunday!

Kind regards