It snows and according to me, the best time for it now (including Christmas) is before the Sports Act. In the morning I pulled out a wool rug in the snow, letting woolen mats lie down to the snow cleans them very nicely and gently, after half an hour I pulled it forward a few meters to get on "clean" snow. Natural materials in general become clean by being weathered and wool is definitely lying in snow, the carpet became fresh and fine.

I love material teaching and it is one of the cornerstones of a garment, which material you choose when different materials have different properties. For VONBON I use virgin-wool and cashmere, which is "finer" and softer than wool. Depending on how sensitive you are, you can experience wool a little sticky but with lamb wool you get much finer, softer wool as they come from as the name says, when cutting lamb. Often if you think that wool is too uncomfortably warm then it is because, but not used wool, without wool mixed with synthetic and synthetic does not breathe, which makes it unpleasantly trapped, warm so the unpleasant heat does not depend on the wool but on the synthetic . Wool breathes and gives a nice warmth.

An underestimated clothing tip is to match the weather ... today when it is snowing I am completely wearing white, white jeans, VONBON Atist Shirt our white big shirt in cotton and VONBON's white cashmere sweater. I think it is a great way of expression, if it is gray weather, dress it nicely in gray, it is white out dress in white ... always be more effective in dressing in a color from top to toe :).

Best regards