Dusty pink, mustard yellow and cashmere .... One of the autumn colors is mustard yellow, or if you want to call it a league crowd. Often combined with dark green and other matching autumn colors, together similar nature leaves-colors in autumn.

A color that comes a lot in spring is powdered pink, a soft pink. My tip is to match poppy pink with mustard yellow, or as I began to match the VONBON store this summer; powder pink with wine colors, it becomes a bit newer, more beautiful and more personal a not so given color matching.

The photo is from the VONBON store's (Kungsgatan 21, Alingsås) shop window this weekend. Dusty pink beautiful viscose blus blouse with mustard yellow hearts, diamonds and white tulips with a white fluffy cashmere sweater, combined with a creak-slim skirt. The crayon-dressed dress stands for the classic, can easily be replaced with a pair of jeans for a more casual look. The powder-red blouse with diamonds, hearts and dogs is discreet and signals a bit of humor, a new print and fits very well to classical garments and patterns in this case creaky. To the white / or mustard yellow cashmere sweater that breaks off when it is in a completely different structure, soft and fluffy. Even as here most black and white, a hot tip is to match structures, the creaky dress with a fluffy sweater.

This week I am with VONBON on Mio and NO 19 (hairdressing salon in Alingsås) fashion show, an inspiration trend night with clothes, decor, makeup, hairdressing and flowers. The display is organized so that you go to groups between stations inside Mio, each station contains a trending theme that we present. I and a girl from NO 19 are VONBON models and I present VONBON and my interpretation of the theme, returning with photos it is Wednesday night.

Will soon go to the store and meet and steer a VONBON woman who is also on Tomorrow's evening at Mio during a "Do-It-Me" theme. Very exciting and fun to meet and direct her.

By the way, this week's head prio is finding fabrics for a collaboration and preparing the photography on Friday for VONBON's webshop.

Wish you a nice day!