Fashion photography ... The coolest fashion photography I've been with was I watched ... We were in New York, a private vacation and went to Times Square to have breakfast and watch people. We had been there the night before and everything was like "usual" but this morning there was the square lawn, full of big urns of flowers, trees and the middle of it was a girl wearing a giant baroque dress - it was American Vogue who had a photography fabulous, a breakfast to my taste!

On Friday afternoon I photographed new photos for the web-shop. The theme was luxurious gray, one color I use as a base color more and more, nice to marine, beige, I olive oil all of it. The main pictures were on VONBON's gray suit and the black classic tie. All the garments in Italian fabrics and classic cut.

I love to photograph and I´, shooting all photos for VONBON by myself. I have not become a designer, I probably would have been a photographer. My problem was that at the time photography was quite decent with all the development baths. and I have always been a bit impatient and want it to happen, so wait for the development process was not really my thing. But now with digital camera and computer, only the benefits are left.

The pictures from Friday are posted on the web and there are more. Now it's BLACK WEEK and 30% on the web and in the store, be sure to shop :)!

Best regards

Katarina VONBON