VONBON has the great privilege of doing a unique design collaboration with the amazing magazine FEMINA.Love FEMINA I think they have such a lovely lifestyle combination of Fashion, Beauty, Food and Interior always so current and easy to grasp. Together we have designed a blouse, thought to write a little about it and first of all I want to give a big THANK YOU to the fantastic FEMINA! So incredibly lovely, creative and very talented employees, absolutely fantastic.

Together we have designed a blouse. We assumed VONBON's bestseller and a new cashier; The knit blouse that we have developed a specially designed fabric for. It is the blouse that is in the pictures in this blog post and it is in the color scheme black / white / with yellow element.

The idea was to make a blouse suitable for jeans and even a party. This fabric is so fine, it is graphic in black and white which makes it very easy to use all year round, thanks to the fact that it can be matched to both dark and light skirts and uppers. In addition, the blouse is very stylish for jeans and also a stylish trousers or skirt, which also makes it easy to use for both everyday and festive occasions. So here's a blouse for everyday life and party all year round :)! Also want to add that the blouse is made of viscose which has a better moisture transport property than for example cotton which makes the blouse "breathe" and is comfortable to wear.

The color scheme contains small elements of yellow which is a trend color in spring. Yellow was my first darling color, remember that I got my first school bag and plateau shoes in yellow when I was going to start grade one, very long ... Yellow can be a little hard to wear if you do not have as much skin color but as here, have yellow as a feature of a flower in a graphic pattern is a very good example of how one can easily use yellow in a modern stylish way.

This blouse comes in FEMINA magazine now in Mars but you can already go in and buy the blouse in FEMINA's web shop, beware before it runs out .. If you do not subscribe to FEMINA, start immediately and you will get 200 SEK discount on the blouse in addition 10% of the surplus goes to the women's shelter All women's house. Click on this link to get to the shop:

FEMINA / VONBON Blouse buy here!

Wish you a nice day!