When shopping for clothes, and most importantly on the garments you have closest to the body, choose natural material !!! So important for the breathing and is therefore nice to wear unlike synthetic like polyester, acrylic and similar which are dense materials that make it become dense which results in that you easily become uncomfortably cool alternatives, if you freeze you become even cooler is you warm you become uncomfortably hot. Worth mentioning is that very exciting things happen with synthetic material now and technical textiles are developing fast, however, it is mostly in sports garments and outerwear that it is sold today and not in blouses. In one of VONBON's knitted jersey dresses there is a new spiral-shaped acrylic fiber which is shaped like a spiral like many natural materials so it blah. through the shape, the good properties of natural fibers. I tried the fabric before I produced the dress (I am very sensitive to synthetic fibers) and it really breathes, the dress is linked here below. Plaque Dress ... In woven fabrics as for blouses, natural fibers have so many lovely properties, for example. they breathe, release moisture. Since it adapts to body heat, which means that if you are cold then it warms and if you are warm then it cools. Viscose comes from cellulose, wood, and has better moisture transport capability than cotton therefore I use predominantly viscose in VONBON's blouses. Another dimension in material is how the thread is treated, for example, it can be mercerized which one can say is that the flat thread so in the blouse, for example, gets shallower gets more luster but then one must also choose a weave that highlights the mercerized thread is satin weave, satin has a stroke on every 7th lap when weaving, which can be compared with two-shafts that go one up one down etc. so that the stroke every two turns. Satin weave along with a merchant thread gives results like this viscose blouse from VONBON Shiny Blouse: Shiny Blouse ... many believe it is a silk blouse for this is often used on the side. I will come back to this, I love material teaching but think that it is probably best to stay here for this time so you think it is fun and do not become nerdy :)! The nice photo with a wall with lots of chest of drawers and "silk" on I took on a ship in the Caribbean a year ago, there was a large wooden wall that was decorated so, a little fun there mareril nerds a little everywhere in the world :)!