Performance anxiety .... not the right word but still describes the feeling that makes me not blogging .... Been very long ago I wrote something here but I'm going to change it. Blogging is nothing I'm used to and there are amazing many talented and interesting bloggers and I've known that it's not really my thing and I do not like it, but like most of my life I've thought about. I thought so, I love writing a diary, have mostly written a diary since school age so I thought VONBON's blog might be a bit diary because it's going to be very fun all the time, worth writing and I'm also getting a lot of questions about styling , fitting tips which body shape fits different silouettes, what trends are coming, etc. so this blog may be some dairy for VONBON.

The picture I put on the front is from Alingsås News-paper on Saturday one week ago. I was called just when we were going to have the evening opening in the store due to the event of Light in Alingsås, (a lightning in Alingsås during October month each year with light designers from different countries).

AT congratulated 57 places on 100 top list in Sweden as an e-commerce rocket! They had just received a press release from Payson and wanted some comments. Of course I became very happy and when I told it in the store they said: Congratulations, it was not bad to come to Alingsås list. I had to make an important reminder: It is 100 in the top list in Sweden not 100 in the top list in Alingsås.

Very funny sometimes happens unexpected things that give extra energy, this made it to me. E-commerce is very fun and equally difficult. This week I have spent days and nights installing Klarna payment module o all around, so now you can pay at VONBON via Klarna, via invoice, get the goods late, partial payment or by card. Good payment methods provide security and security for both parties.

I am basically a rather introvert person who loves to be self-creating but on the other hand, gives other people so much energy. When I have called the support during these days, nice and helpful people with a lot of patience :).

I thought about the pink blouse on the photo, but it may be in the next post.

Best regards