Buy the new FEMINA, VONBON's garments are included in it :)!

THANK YOU FEMINA !!! VONBON's blue / green knitted jacket with dark blue viscose lining is featured in the celebration report among shimmering styles in FEMINA's new fashion magazine. A customer came into the store on Friday and said; Congratulations Katarina! At first I thought it was for E-commerce rocket but be hesitant so asked, What do you mean? She said: Your nice jacket is in FEMINA! So amazingly funny, I was very happy and ran and bought the newspaper.

It's our knitted jacket in lamb wool and viscose that's included. It's an incredibly fine fabric in dark blue, light blue, dark green tones and bronze color. It is an Italian knitter that fabrics the fabric and the viscose wire is mercised (= flat) which gives the beautiful brightness, the shinyness.

When I designed it, I thought it would be a jacket that you could use the same as you had the jeans jacket when you were young, to everything ... It was very fun to see that FEMINA really styled it with black / gold colored garments Glamorous, really love it and it feels right now for all winter parties. I've most styled it for jeans, but it's so fun when the garment comes in a new styling and becomes a bit more "mature and show" and manages more areas :). It is also my basic idea of ​​the VONBON garment that they can be worn all year from morning to evening, in other words to sneakers or heels for jeans or the party, this report really makes it clear.