VONBON is Swedish design and stands for quality with a modern timeless style, where Scandinavian minimalism meets the conscious woman´s personality, where solid craftsmanship and unique goes before mass production and over-consumption.


Through four generations of women, the appreciation and joy of creating fashion, using fabric in wonderful qualities and colors has been a common passion.

First, it was Hulda, Grandpa's aunt who trained herself as a modist. At a dignified age of 94, when I was 6, she still showed me when she made hats. Also remembers how she "jumped skipping rope" with her feet firmly anchored on the ground ... I still have her beautifully decorated corsets and embroidered bloomer with knotted lace on. Hulda was a feminist woman and in many ways before her time, Hulda was the woman with a very strong PERSONALITY.

The woman with STYLE was my grandmother May. She could the art to dress. When she was young and she saw in newspapers dresses, costumes, coats that not where available in her city, she began drawing and sewing herself and to people in her vicinity. Grandma appreciated a beautifully made inside as high as the outside, a priority that I still carry with me. When I was a teenager in the 80's, she followed it with a horrified delight. May had a big heart and a fascinating life story and her STYLE still holds.

Wonderful cliff mom Majvor, raised in a creative but organized environment, she developed taste for style and QUALITY. Mum was in the first generation who dressed as teenagers, she bought fabrics, showed grandmother pictures of fashion garments and grandmother in turn drawn and sewed teenage clothes to her, much in small print. Mom has always appreciated the QUALITY, sustainability and care of her fellow human beings and nature. During the pattern and colorfully 70s, mother and our home were total white, the whole landing in a more modern classic style that she continued to build on over the years. The gene of love and appreciate QUALITY comes from my mother.

I Katarina who has started and runs VONBON is deeply impressed by the women mentioned above. When I was 3 years old I borrowed my mother's sewing machine and started to create, cut, glue and sew clothes for my dolls and trolls. The passion for clothes and fabrics has never stopped but developed through various events.

When the idea of ​​starting VONBON began to take shape, it was to create personal classics in high quality, a timeless style in which Scandinavian minimalism meets the conscious woman's personality, where genuine craftsmanship, locally produced and unique goes before mass production and over-consumption.

VONBON is a Swedish design that is manufactured in Europe. When choosing fabricating fabric manufacturers and sewing factories, it fell naturally on Europe as it is important for us to be able to ensure that our production has good environment and working conditions, good working environment and can be traced in every step. Even short transports (never by air) of finished collections are something we are happy about. Together we make a difference!

STYLE: Modern classic to wear in all contexts and easily combined, all day from the office to dinner / party, easy to dress up or "dress up" down. One basic idea is that the garments should be worn year-round from morning to evening and combined after the current season.

PERSONALITY: Clothing that you feel good looking and comfortable in and which brings you up as a person in a feminine way and makes a statement, shows your personality / attitude. Modern classics that are personal.

QUALITY: In our garments we always strive for high quality of natural materials such as silk, lamb wool and cotton so the garments are comfortable to wear. We also work for a high quality of our production where eg. All garments are cut by hand and manufactured uniquely.  


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